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How Much Does Dollar Tree Pay?

how much does dollar tree pay

In this article, we’ll look at how much Dollar Tree pays its employees. We’ll also cover the average hourly wage, salary range, bonus potential, and PTO policy. If you’re interested in working at Dollar Tree, keep reading! You’ll be well on your way to a lucrative career. The benefits at Dollar Tree are also worth considering, so read on! Despite its low starting pay, this fast-paced company is a great place to get started.

Average hourly wage

The average hourly wage at Dollar Tree is around $8 to $9. You will earn more with experience. Hourly wages vary, depending on the location and department you work in. Some locations pay weekly and others pay biweekly. If you’re interested in a career in retail, a job at Dollar Tree may be right for you. If you enjoy helping customers and pushing freight around, you might be interested in working at this company.

If you are interested in working for Dollar Tree, check out the hourly pay ranges for cashiers. These positions typically require four to five hours of work a day. Part-time employees are paid less than thirty hours a week and don’t receive benefits until the law requires them to. If you’re interested in earning more, consider working at a Family Dollar Tree store. Listed below are some of the benefits that Dollar Tree offers.

Salary range

A full-time associate can earn $8.32 to $9.65 an hour at Dollar Tree. This amount varies based on the location and experience of the associate. Store managers are likely to earn much more than an associate and have the potential to manage dozens of locations. However, store associate salaries are not as good as those of district managers, who earn an average of $75,000 a year. A full-time associate will typically earn a bit less, ranging from $9 to $14 per hour.

In July 2020, Michael Witynski was promoted to President and CEO of Dollar Tree and received total compensation of $10,767,887. As part of his promotion, his salary increased by 23.8%, from $857,692 to $1,184,615. He also received a cash award of $2,433,210, and an option award of $7,088,690. Dollar Tree salary ranges may be a good indicator of the market’s compensation potential.


The company has been generous in its bonus program, with the average annual bonus being $3,238, and a maximum of $5,138 for higher-level positions. While this bonus is limited to high-level positions, regular associates are also entitled to sales bonuses and raises based on average performance. In addition to bonuses, Dollar Tree offers 401K accounts and basic benefits. Bonuses and benefits can be comparable to those of industry giants.

Bonus sizes mean more free stuff. Some bonuses are as much as 10%, and this helps you stretch your dollar further. Many employees report not receiving signing bonuses, and others report getting as little as $1. However, if you are looking for a great place to work, look no further than Dollar Tree. This company offers flexible scheduling, healthcare insurance, and daily pay. Bonus programs include tuition reimbursement and daily pay. Full-time employees can also take language classes for free.

PTO policy

As a small company, Dollar Tree offers employees generous paid time off. Employees are entitled to up to 10 days of paid vacation or sick leave per year. Regardless of tenure, they receive the same number of days off each year. Plus, the company gives its associates yearly raises of a few hundred dollars. This generous PTO policy may be just what you need to keep up with the ever-growing holiday season.

If you want to take advantage of this generous benefit, make sure you understand the rules of the Dollar Tree PTO policy. This policy generally applies to associates who work in California. In addition, associates who begin working after October 1 or before January 1 are eligible for unused vacation. However, they must reimburse Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. for any time off that they don’t use. If you’re a new associate, check with your supervisor for details.

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